Published March 12, 2018
Jason Lighter sat on Martin Scarsdale’s balcony, checking his iPad
for updates from the hackers and other people he managed as Illumine’s
point man. …
Published March 9, 2018
Simon thought about human history and the years of the generations.
He thought of God’s covenant with his disobedient children, of King Saul
disobeying …
Published March 6, 2018
A missable exit off of Highway 89 just north of the border between
Arizona and Utah was an unlikely place for a research campus. …
Published March 3, 2018
Near Bangkok’s beautiful public Lumphini Park, the core group of
hackers set up a home base. The odors of rice, pad thai, pad see …
Published February 28, 2018
Whiskey, bourbon, and cognac all suited Martin’s temperament,
and soju, the Korean beverage of choice, pleased his palate, although he
could have done without …
Published February 25, 2018
The line stretched around the block from the entrance of the
bookstore a few blocks from Wall Street. Martin Scarsdale waited and
marveled that …
Published February 22, 2018
Dr. Shin Tse lit another unfiltered Yun Yan in a dank alleyway outside
the fire exit he propped open. Here in America, everything was
Published February 19, 2018
Lux198: I’m not government.
Bee: Exactly what they all say.
Lux198: I’m looking to hire you to do something that is legal, …
Published February 16, 2018
Never in his life had Jason flown on a private plane with its own pinup-
worthy stew. Plenty of military jets, yes, landing on …
Published February 13, 2018
Jason didn’t understand. What did a multi-billionaire and CEO want
with him? “Do you need me as head of security?”
“In a way. I …